• Mar22
    Cliff Notes: The Touch of a Savior

    Matthew 8: 1-4 Sin is a dreaded condition. There is no other cure for sin other than through Jesus. By accepting and trusting Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we have forgiveness and cleansing of our sins. Without Jesus, we are without hope.

  • Mar8
    Cliff Notes: Follow Me!

    Luke 5:27 When presented with an invitation to follow Christ, Levi responded by leaving everything in his past to follow Jesus. Sometimes, Jesus gives us a command to "Follow Me" in some of the most unexpected times or places. We are to live the life Jesus wants us to live, through obedience, trust, and love. God will use our living testimony to reach others to spread the Gospel of Christ.

  • Feb15
    Cliff Notes: Built Together

    Ephesians 2: 20-22 The church is made from a diversity of beautiful people, all being unified in Christ, who have come together to share the love of Christ. We are all joined together from the same foundation, with the main cornerstone and formation being Jesus. Every Christian is a part of the church, joined together by the design of God, for the purpose of proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

  • Feb8
    Cliff Notes: A Thorn in the Flesh

    2 Corinthians 12: 7-10 God's power is made perfect in weakness. Many times, weaknesses are used to the glory of God. Despite our weaknesses, God's grace accomplishes His purposes in a fallen world and is sufficient to meet all our needs. Tune into this weeks devotional to learn more!

  • Jan25
    Cliff Notes: Ask. Seek. Knock.

    Matthew 7: 7-8 Jesus gives these 3 imperative commands: Ask. Seek. Knock. These are not suggestions; they are commands written by our Lord and Savior that we are expected to follow as a lifestyle. God, the Creator of our universe, will hear our prayers and respond.

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