Morning Services

The Reality of Angels

Adult Bible Study: February 1st, 2023 at 6:30pm

Ask. Seek. Knock.

Cliff Notes Devotional 1/25: Matthew 7: 7-8
Jesus gives these 3 imperative commands: Ask. Seek. Knock. These are not suggestions; they are commands written by our Lord and Savior that we are expected to follow as a lifestyle. God, the Creator of our universe, will hear our prayers and respond. Tune into this weeks devotional to learn more!
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Sunday Activities

Sunday School: 9:45am
All classes are in session. Zoom class begins at 9:30am. Please review our bulletin for specific information.

Morning Worship: 10:45am
Pastor Cliff Lester
"The Teachable Heart"
Lord's Supper will be observed.

Sunday Evening: 6pm
Business Meeting/Fellowship: 6pm

Recent 1/29 Service:
"The Teachable Heart"

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January 2023

Spirit Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter outlining the latest activities and information.

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Adult Bible Study 1/25

Adult Bible study in The Book of Jude focusing on "The Reality of Angels". Wednesday, January 25th at 6:30pm.

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1/29 Bulletin

Upcoming January 29th, 2023 Service Bulletin.

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Ministry Activities
Wednesday activities are in session.
  • Men's Bible Study:
    Feb. 1st 6am
  • Adult Bible Study:
    Feb. 1st 6:30pm
  • Youth Meeting:
    Feb. 1st 6pm
  • Kids4Christ:
    PreK-5th Grade:
    Feb. 1st 6pm
  • Cliff Notes:
    Each Wednesday Online
  • Lord's Supper
    Morning Worship Jan.29
  • Church Fellowship Jan.29
  • Ladies Retreat Feb.10th

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Cliff Notes 1/25: Matthew 7: 7-8
Ask. Seek. Knock.
Our Church:

It has been my joy and privilege to pastor Bethel Baptist Church in Celina, TX. I have watched my children grow up at Bethel. My wife Jeanene and I both feel greatly blessed by God to experience the love and friendship of this church family.

Since the beginning of Bethel Baptist Church, the people express the love, compassion, and commitment of Jesus Christ in each worship service. Our mission is to maintain the same, focused commitment to DO the ministry of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a place you can feel at home or want to simply worship the Lord Jesus Christ, I warmly invite you to pay us a visit.

Bethel Baptist is 112 years old as of September, 2022. Our church has such a rich history and loving faith of Jesus Christ and His Word. Please join us for our next worship service opportunity!

Bethel Baptist Church

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